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Ice Age 3 [Jul. 5th, 2009|02:18 pm]
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Went to see Ice Age 3 yesterday. It was surprisingly good. Way better than the second one. And of course it had the additional benefit of Simon Pegg. You could really hear that it was his voice and he did great. He's been working so much lately, it gives me great joy to see him being appreciated by a much bigger audience today. Go Simon!

Now, I'm off to watch the Wimbledon finale. Hopefully Federer wins.

[User Picture]From: 4lugia
2009-07-05 09:40 pm (UTC)
The Wimbledon final!!! I couldn't find it on TV at first and thought it was over. So I checked the videotext listings and came across this news bit that Francesco Totti wants a comeback for the World Cup 2010! I'm kicking myself that I couldn't remember his name during the Confed Cup and only remembered something with "Franz." It's like he heard that he was forgotten, so he comes back to show everyone that he's still a star and that he can save the grandpa team single-handedly.

Later I found the final on DSF and the current standing was 2:2 and 6:6, which I barely believed meant that it was the final set and both players completely equal! They played so well! And Andy Roddick cried. I guess you ultimatey want Federer to win for the hall of fame, but it's a bit boring. At least he said he knew what it was like to lose Wimbledon. LOL.

Heh, Fabian Cancellara dominates the Tour de France.
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